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Exercise Physiologist &

Personal Trainer

" The easiest and most efficient way to get to a place is to go with someone who has been there several times before " 

                                                               Ivo Cortes

  Welcome to the Practice

  • With over 16 years experience in the Health & Wellness industry, Ivo Cortes is passionate about helping his clients achieve their health goals and improve their quality of life. 

  • Ivo has a Bachelors Degree in Exercise & Sport Science and a Graduate Diploma majoring in Strength and Resistance Training from Brazil. He has complemented this with several courses and professional development opportunities in exercise prescription for chronic conditions and special populations. He holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology at the Australian Catholic University.

  • As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Ivo is strongly motivated to work alongside people with a variety of conditions, using his high knowledge in pathophysiology to manage their conditions through safe exercise. 


  • Ivo delivers personal training sessions, designed for the individual,  with a high level of quality and effectiveness.



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I love helping my clients feel healthy and happy.


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Exercise is Medicine


1. Complete Physical & Fitness Assessment

  • including Pre-exercise Screening

  • Body Fat % and Muscle Mass % Measurements, 

  • Medical History

  • Lifestyle and Goal Setting (Smart Goals).

2.  Exercise/Rehab Plan 


3.  Video Study Analysis and Postural Assessment

  • using gold standard Fitness Tests. 


4.  Food Diary & Dietary Advice to support plan. 


5.  Full Written Weekly Schedule bring together all aspects of the plan.



Health Comes First

'' With years of experience, I understand how to work with clients to ensure they receive the best exercise prescription possible. My thoughtful and personalized approach means I’m fully committed to the health and well-being of all my clients. With an Exercise Physiologist like me you’re in great hands.''

 - Exercise Planning & Prescription


 - Physical and Fitness Assessments


 - Video Analysis


 - Goal Setting


 - Nutritional Advice 

"For years, clients have depended on me to provide these valuable services. I offer these and other specialised  options to anyone in need of an Exercise Physiologist &  Personal Trainer they can trust." 

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